BGM Electronics

In conjunction with Archangel Electronics has developed the next level of acoustic instrument transducers.

Elevation represents the evolution of transducer design with several forward thinking features.

  • The lightest system on the market with potting precisely weighed within one-tenth of a gram.

  • Precision matched nickel alloy pharmaceutical grade piezo elements.

  • Ultra-thin 1mm Mogami® shielded cables for absolute tonal transparency.

  • Stealth thumbwheel volume and tone controls with gold plated pc boards. (EV series)

  • Unmatched performance in natural tone and sensitivity ,and built to last a lifetime.

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  • Why would an acoustic guitar have “Scalloped Bracing”?

  • Why do different tone woods sound so…different?

  • Why would a solid top matter?

  • It all has to do with how the wood moves.
    Traditional systems pay little to no attention to weight.
    We have measured systems that weigh as much as 60 grams.
    If you wish to choke the life out of an acoustic instrument
    ... simply add weight to the top

    An Elevation transducer only adds 1.2 grams
    of weight to the bridge plate including it's cable.

    They are over five times lighter than similarly constructed pickups.

    1.2 grams as a comparison is the weight of two medium picks

    transducers. The lightest in the industry!






    These current systems are available for Purchase Here


    EV Systems


    EV-1.2 Dual Transducer System

    For Mandolin, Mandocello, Violin, Viola, Ukelele
    Baritone Ukelele, and tenor guitars



    EV-1.3 Triple Transducer System

    For Cello, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars
    With X or modified X type bracing.







    EV-1.4 Quad Transducer System

    For Acoustic Bass, Double Bass, and
    Nylon string guitars with fan type bracing



    EV-1.6 Hex Transducer System

    For Harp Guitar
    And custom applications






    New Elevation E Systems

    All of the quality and incredible tone from our EV series systems, without the thumbwheel controls.

    E Systems use the same premium nickel Elevation Transducers and Pro Endpin jack and even use our ultra-miniature Mogami® cable.

    Even simpler installation at an unbelivably low price. Order the E System that best fits your instrument with single, dual, triple, and quad transducer configurations.








    Installation instructions and video clips are available on our Media Page

    We highly recomend Archangel preamps for use with our transducer systems.








    To sum the whole thing up…we are “Tone Geeks”! I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but it certainly put us in a place of not being impressed with anything currently on the market. In a world of cheap electronics where the main drivers are low cost, high sales, and margins we just never found that perfect tone for stage use. Sound hole pickups sound electric. Under saddle transducers are harsh, and kill the solid connection between the bridge and the soundboard. Internal mics sound great if done correctly, but have limited application in live performance, they can also carry a very high cost.


    Our solution was to take some of the time-tested ideas, and simply make them a little better. We start with matched piezo discs. Tightly specified, these nickel-plated piezo elements are super thin. Each disc is hand soldered using premium silver to achieve an excellent bond with the Mogami® cable. This fully shielded cable was chosen for its ability to transmit the signal without becoming “Microphonic” (a common issue inside of acoustic instruments due to poor design of electronics) which would be heard as random noises from your instrument, and cable noise induced into the audio path.


    The result is the lightest weight, and the most accurate reproduction of acoustic tone from any instrument. Weighing in at just over eleven grams, there is nothing close to allowing your instrument to perform as designed like The Elevation System. We have options for most common types of acoustic designs, but certainly not all. We believe in constant learning, which promotes continual improvement.


    When only the best will do, think Elevation!








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